Emery has a strong passion in building a community, his joy so far has been in working with people. He was born in Hong Kong and studied in the UK since the age of 9 and returned to Hong Kong to kickstart his professional career. Emery developed a strong sense in discipline and the importance of teamwork through sport from an early age. He enjoys sharing these passions with others and consequently, choosing to practice in a people business.
Having been in recruitment for 5 years+ within the Professional Services Space, he has built a strong network and on the basis in finding the right people and starting the right conversations. He is very curious about what makes a strong culture in a firm by understanding their underlying values and beliefs.
Emery also launched his podcast ‘Awkward Turtle’. A comedy standup-like podcast that tackles the difficult conversation with a lighter spin. Season 2 has just started ‘Awkward Turtle At Work’ – an interview-style podcast that talks to people who choose to pursue a passion career rather than a ‘conventional job’. The aim is to share these stories and along the way inspire people to have a better relationship with work and encourage dreamers to take that leap of faith. The ultimate goal is to overturn the notion of ‘Blue Monday’.
Outside of his professional life, Emery is Sports fanatic. Emery can be found playing football with HKFC, hockey, or wakesurfing across Hong Kong!